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Finno-Ugrian Days

Festival takes place in the third week of October.
At the same time, Finno-Ugric Day was celebrated in Estonia on National Flag Day, which is celebrated on the third Saturday in October. The main events of Finno-Ugrian Days are traditionally held in Tallinn and Tartu, but Finno-Ugric performers travel all across Estonia during this week of October, visiting schools and local cultural centers.
The main theme of the 2022 Fenno-Ugrian days is “Bridge over times”.
The main concerts will take place in Tallinn at the Vaba Lava venue (on Saturday, October 15th) and in Tartu at The Estonian National Museum (on Sunday, October 16th).


Saami Parliament in Finland to repeat elections

The Executive Board of the Saami Parliament in Finland recommended the election committee to be reappointed ahead of the 24 June repeat elections.