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Saami Parliament in Finland to repeat elections

The Executive Board of the Saami Parliament in Finland recommended the election committee to be reappointed ahead of the 24 June repeat elections.


Stubb visits Estonia

Alexander Stubb, the President of Finland, will be on a state visit to Estonia from 27 to 29 May.


Finnish Court annuls 2023 Saami elections

The Supreme Administrative Court of Finland decided that the vote must be considered invalid due to a significant amount of individuals omitted from the election list.


New law on Saami Parliament strengthens Saami self-determination rights

Last December, the Finnish Government submitted a proposal to Parliament to amend the law on the Saami Parliament. The aim is to promote the realisation of the right of self-determination of the Saami and to improve the working conditions of the Saami self-government and the Saami collections, especially with regard to language and culture. The proposal implements Petter Orpo's government programme and has been drafted in cooperation with the Saami Parliament.


Saami films receive multiple Jussi nominations

Je'vida and Máhccan are among the nominees for the Finnish Jussi Award.


New Mari association registered in Finland

On 26 October, the Mari organisation Marij-Vij Tüvõra Ušem - Mari-Vij Kultuuriyhdistys, or Mari Force Cultural Association, was registered in Finland.


Fenno-Ugria employee appointed chairman of Taivaannaula

At the general meeting on 29 October, Patrick O’Rourke, a Fenno-Ugria employee and project manager, was elected chairman of the Finnish Folk Culture Association ‘Taivaannaula’. …


University of Eastern Finland leads programme to revive Karelian

The Karelian language revitalisation project has received funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland to continue the programme.


Kaustinen Folk Music Festival

After being included in the UNECSO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, interest towards Kaustinen fiddle playing has increased.


New Finnish PM's first foreign visit to Estonia

The Finnish PM made first working visit to Estonia, meeting the Estonian PM and President.


Main event of Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture held in Kuhmo

The Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2023 is in Kuhmo, Finland. The title is awarded to a Finnish municipality for the first time in the contest …


Estonia issues stamp in honour of Finland's NATO membership

Omniva has issued a new stamp to celebrate Finland’s NATO membership. The stamp was unveiled during a presentation at the Finnish Embassy in Tallinn on …