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põlisrahvas, rahvariided
Detail põlisrahva rahvariietest, naise ehtd

Finno-Ugric Studies

Finno-Ugric studies is an academic field that researches the languages, cultures and histories of Finno-Ugric peoples.

Finno-Ugric studies are conducted in addition to Estonia, Finland, Hungary and Russia in several other countries, e.g., Germany, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Japan, France and Italy.

The principal cooperation fora for scholars of Finno-Ugric studies (i.e., Finno-Ugrists) are congresses of Finno-Ugric studies which are held every five years.  Most recent congress took place in 2015 in Oulu (Finland) and the next one will be held in Vienna (Austria).

In Estonia, several research and academic institutions are involved in Finno-Ugric studies. These include the Institute of Estonian Language, Estonian National Museum, Estonian Literary Museum, University of Tartu and Estonian Academy of Arts.