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Statute 📚

1. Objective and content of the award
1.1. The aim of the Literary Award is to recognise the work of authors or translators of the literature of kindred peoples without their own statehood.
1.2. The Literary Award is issued:
1.2.1. to a writer or a translator for a work of noteworthy literary and linguistic value published in a kindred people’s language in the past four years (2019—2023); and/or
1.2.2. to a writer or a translator whose activities have notably helped introduce the literature of kindred peoples without their own statehood in Estonia and at the European level. 
1.3. The Literary Award is issued every year.
1.4. The prize fund is 2,500 euros.

2. Nominations
2.1. Anyone may make nominations.
2.2. The same nominator may nominate several candidates.
2.3. Information about when nominations are open is published on the organiser’s website and communicated via other public channels.
2.4. The nominator must fill out the electronic form, submit 1–2 written references / expert opinions (in Estonian, Russian, or English), and a list of previously published original and/or translated works (in Estonian, Russian, or English).
2.5. The nomination form may be filled out in Estonian, Russian, or English.

3. Determination and announcement of awards
3.1. Laureates of the Literary Award are determined by an expert evaluation committee.
3.2. The number of prizes and their amounts are determined by the expert evaluation committee.
3.3. In the absence of a worthy candidate, the expert evaluation committee reserves the right to not issue the award.
3.4. Laureates of the Kindred People’s Programme’s Literary Award are announced on 1st November, the memorial day of the Udmurt writer Kuzebai Gerd.


Kindred Peoples’ Programme
Marika Alver
Institute of the Estonian Language