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Awards of the Kindred Peoples’ Programme

Every year, the Kindred Peoples’ Programme confers several awards.

Since 2007, Programme confers the Kindred Peoples’ Literary Award in cooperation with the Finno-Ugric Literary Association. The aim of the award is to recognise the work of authors and translators of kindred peoples without their own statehood.

Since 2010, Programme confers Ilmapuu (World Tree) Award to a representative of an indigenous Finno-Ugric people whose actions on a local grassroots level has been closely and effectively linked with the strengthening of his/her people’s identity and cultural survival.

Since 2012, Programme administers the Kindred Peoples’ Ethnic Science Award for academic work by representatives of kindred Uralic peoples without their own statehood. This award is given out in two categories:

Additional information
Marika Alver
Coordinator of the Kindred Peoples´ Programme
(+372) 5552 9199