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Democracy School for Finno-Ugric communities in Estonia

Democracy School for Finno-Ugric communities in Estonia to understand and cope with the new geopolitical situation

The goal of the project is to increase the civic activity of the Finno-Ugric and other minorities operating in Estonia, to strengthen their connection with Estonian society, to increase their political education and awareness, media literacy and self-management skills in crisis situations.

Civic activity of national minorities and connection with Estonian society:

  • we wish to enhance the role of Finno-Ugric and other ethnic minority communities, especially their advocates and activists, as a “watchdog” in spreading objective information about the political situation in Russia and Ukraine, both in our own local community and among fellow nationals in Russia;
  • to increase on the basis of new knowledge the connection of Russian-speaking and often Russian-citizen Finno-Ugric or other ethnic minority people living in Estonia with Estonian society, which will benefit the integration processes and should in the long run generate interest in Estonian citizenship;
  • to intensify interaction through the project between organisations dealing with Finno-Ugric and other minorities, to activate members for joint activities.

Political education and media literacy:

  • the purpose of the project’s political lectures is to discuss Russia’s political activity in neighbouring countries and to develop the participants’ ability to critically evaluate it;
  • in order to analyse what is happening in Russia, we want to train the recognition of propaganda and media competence: to practise communication skills and the use of different tools to convey our messages in order to communicate with members of our national communities.

Coping skills:

  • we want to develop the skills of the participants to establish their positions in the context of a political crisis, even in difficult situations;
  • we want to give the participants skills to relieve the mental stress and depression caused by the Russian military activities.

The goal of the project is also the development of Fenno-Ugria: supporting the creation and implementation of a renewed communication plan with the Finno-Ugric peoples in the changed geopolitical situation.


The project is supported by the ACF Fund operator in Estonia – Open Estonia Foundation in cooperation with the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations (NENO).

​Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe!