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Project Grants

Through its Kindred Peoples’ Programme, the Republic of Estonia supports academic, educational, cultural and informational projects related to indigenous Uralic peoples, in line with eligible thematic areas and priorities.

The general objective of the Kindred Peoples’ Programme is to contribute to the development of Finno-Ugric peoples’ languages and cultures, to counter the assimilation process and to conserve language and cultural heritage. By supporting kindred peoples in their fight for their cultural survival, the programme is also strengthening the wider context of Estonian cultural identity.

Programme’s themes consist of four eligible areas for support (education and training, science, culture and information exchange) which are viewed as complementary.
Priorities of the programme include contributions towards:

  • Extending the sphere of usage of the languages of indigenous Uralic peoples, including promoting delivery of education in these languages, because only this allows to prevent the assimilation of these peoples);
  • Self-identificaion of kindred peoples’ youth as carriers of their own culture and language;
  • Achieving greater openness of the cultures of indigenous Uralic peoples’ and diversifying their cultural and other exchanges;
  • Strengthening national self-awareness of indigenous Uralic peoples;
  • Developing a modern way of life among kindred peoples.

Board of the programme awards grants to projects that conform with the programme’s objectives three times a year.

Additional information

Marika Alver
Coordinator of the Kindred Peoples’ Programme
(+372) 5552 9199