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♫ 2019

TMW 2019: Fenno-Ugria Night
29 March, 18:00-23:00
Erinevate Tubade Klubi / Club of Diffferent Rooms (TLN)

For the 5th year Fenno-Ugria hosts artists from the Finno-Ugric music scene at Tallinn Music Week 2019. You will hear the latest news of the ancient rune singing from Estonia, powerful traditional male singing from Mordovia, Besserman and Udmurt tunes, Saami joik from Norway as well as Veps electronic beats from Karelia and powerful electrofolk from Finland. Finno-ugric people have a lot to say to the world music scene in their languages that have a touch of the indiginous. But these languages dance with the modern, sometimes even in a postraditional way.

19.00 – Ansambel Triskele (EE)
19.45 – Torama (RU / Mordva)
20.30 – Maria Korepanova & Victor Sologub (RU / Udmurtia)
21.15 – Vassvik (NO / Saami) 
22.00 – Noid (RU / Karjala)
22.45 – Okra Playground (FI)

Ansambel Triskele Ansambel Triskele is a vital folk music group from Estonia – five men who share deep interest in folk hymns, early music and ancient rune singing. In its compositions Ansambel Triskele has brought together different singing styles and a variety of musical instruments representing both Estonian traditional music (zithers, mandola, bagpipes, jaw harp) and European early music (lute, oud, flutes, frame drum, bells). The factor unifying the members of Ansambel Triskele is their keen interest in a variety of music traditions from all over the world, the influences of which can be found in the group’s performing style. Members of Ansambel Triskele have participated in several Estonian early and folk music groups as well as international co-operation projects. Since 1997 Ansambel Triskele has released seven albums and music of the group has been used in several movies.

Triskele @YouTube

Фольклорный ансамбль Торама им В И Ромашкина
The folklore ensemble Torama main task is the preservation and development of the native language and musical culture of the Erzya and Moksha peoples. The group’s frontman Vladimir Romashkin performs old polyphonic songs of the Erzya and Moksha peoples while the members of the ensemble demonstrate the striny tunes on folk instruments.

At last year’s TMW, Maria Korepanova sang the ancient songs of Besserman and Udmurt folk as part of the folk band AR-GOD. This year, she has a new programme in store for us, one created in collaboration with Russian rock musician, film composer and electronic music guru Viktor Sologub. Sologub is renowned for his projects Странные игры, Deadушки and Поп-Механика. The combination Maria’s voice, powerful as if it rings out from the depths of bygone centuries, and electronic touches courtesy of Viktor give the traditional Besserman and Udmurt folk songs an unique feel and make for an indescribable feeling of diving into a sea of sounds. Maria and Viktor collaborated to create the soundtrack for the movie Нация (Nation, directed by J. Mironov) and carried out field trips to Udmurtia to collect musical material. This gave way to this project, which will receive its debut performance at TMW.

With his band V A S S V I K the circumpolar sound poet Torgeir Vassviki provides you with a fresh kick from the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Whether you listen to him in Norway, Canada, Japan or Malaysia, you get mesmerized by his new vision of animistic Joik, the vocal art of the Saami indigenous people of Northern Europe. With magical energy the Nordic vocalist, musician and composer Torgeir Vassvik takes a unique approach to the archaic, trance-like joik of his people, the Coastal Saami. The Oslo based soundscape artist stems from Gamvik in the Northernmost tip of the European mainland. His voice, like a mirror of the landscape, is a rare, raw jewel with facets full of beauty. Joik has inspired the Saami musician since childhood. But he also grew up with the mandolin music of his father and played in several indie rock groups. Undertaking cool sound experiments he updates animistic vocal tradition and percussion rituals for the 21st century. As a great live performer and one of the most innovative Saami musicians these days Torgeir Vassvik allies with congenial colleagues like the Kjorstad Brothers, young Norwegian violinists from Gudbrandsdalen. Together they open their hearts for different genres – Jazz, Folk, Classical and New Music included – and spread a fresh Arctic sound experience at festivals and venues around the world. V A S S V I K – a new dimension of Arctic Avantgarde Saami Joik. 

Noid is a band from Petrozavodsk (located in Karelia, Russia) composing, arranging and performing traditional songs in the Veps language in a world-music style. The band was founded in 2007. In 2010, they recorded a CD called ‘Kukirikku’ which included traditional Veps songs arranged in a modern folk manner. They perform both all over Russia and abroad, also taking part in various festivals and song contests: Riddu-Riddu (Norway), Tallinn Music Week (Estonia), Liet international (Italy), Liet lavlut (Sweden), Sommelo (Finland), Karjalan Folk (Finland) etc. In 2013, the band received an award by the M.A. Castrén Society for the best arrangement of a Finno-Ugric song (the traditional song ‘Voik’). In 2014, a video was also made for the song.

Okra Playground from Finland plays genuine electro folk with strong vocal harmonies, big sound, age-old lyrics, contemporary soundscapes, traditional folk instruments, hypnotic beats and mystical energy. The awaited second album Ääneni yli vesien (My Voice Over Waters) was released in March 2018 by German label Nordic Notes. Ääneni yli vesien gained great reviews and reached top 3 at World Music Charts Europe and top 10 at Transglobal World Music Chart. In 2016 Okra Playrground performed at WOMEX among the Official Showcase Selection. Since then the band has charmed audiences at Rainforest World Music Festival in Malaysia, Brosella Folk & Jazz Festival in Belgium and urban Flow Festival in Finland. In 2018 Okra Playground toured in Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Norway.

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