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TMW 2021: Fenno-Ugria Night is coming in a week! Who is performing?

The night also represents a bridge between TMW and the Finno-Ugrian Days, an event that introduces Finno-Ugric peoples, set to take place in October.

The TMW Fenno-Ugria Night is a unique opportunity to hear the folk music heritage of the Finno-Ugric countries, including Estonia, and through the performances of masterful musicians also present it to guests from abroad as well as the local public.

The Fenno-Ugria night will feature emotional East-Mari folk songs, ancient Sami yoiks, original work inspired by Estonian runosongs, as well as Finnish prog-folk. However, well-known and loved songs from the rich Hungarian heritage will this time take on a jazz key. The showcase features Trepp & Sõbrad (EE), Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ulda (FI), Nagy Bögö (EE), Kodály Spicy Jazz (HU), and Vimma (FI).

The night also represents a bridge between TMW and the Finno-Ugrian Days, an event that introduces Finno-Ugric peoples, set to take place in October. The festival is included among the events of the CIOFF network, which is accredited to the UNESCO ICH Committee.

18.00 – Trepp & Sõbrad (EE)
19.00 – Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ulda (FI)
20.00 – Kodály Spicy Jazz (HU) 
21.00 – Nagy Bögö (EE)
22.00 – Vimma (FI) 

Trepp (concert video)

Trepp & Sõbrad (friends)

Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ulda is a group founded in 2009 by Ulla Pirttijärvi-Länsman, one of the leading Sámi artists. They perform modern Sámi music, rooted in a Sámi vocal tradition called joik. Their performances bring out the rich and magical sound palette of the joik, accompanied mainly by acoustic instruments. The group has performed in Europe and Northern America.

Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ulda has released two albums: Ulda (2012, nominated for best ethno album at the Finnish Music Awards) and Roijk (2018). Their third album Vuolgigoahtit will be released in 2022.

Zoltán Kodály was a Hungarian composer, whose work in researching documentation helped repopularise Hungarian folksong in the early 21st century. Formed in 2017 in memoriam of the 50th anniversary of the composer’s death, Kodály Spicy Jazz aims to bring those well-known Hungarian folk songs from choir and singing lessons to the audience in a new, creative, energetic fresh kind of flavour, making it possible for today’s youth to reconnect with such heritage through various contemporary platforms.

Nagy Bögö is a trad-indie-popmusic band, playing the band members’ original compositions enriched by Estonian traditional music. Strong rhythms, emotionally loaded harmonies and minimalistic melodies inspired by old runosongs’ texts describe Nagy Bögö’s music. Behind the colourful sound there is an intriguing set of instruments: vocals, bagpipe, flute, double bass, drums and acoustic guitar. It’s the freedom of crossing boundaries and the courage to experiment, that create the youthful symbiosis between tradition and modern times. The genuine warmth and positive charge, born of the Nagy Bögö synergy, will stay with the audience long after the last chord has faded away.

Progressive folk for a better future! In this art-pop group in the spirit of Finnish folklore, sempiternal melodies mix with the young Helsinki-based artists’ reflections on our hectic contemporary world. VIMMA images utopian worlds and awakes their audiences to bring about change for a more sustainable future. Topical lyrics and spoken word poetry bring extra vitality and excitement to the energetic music. The shared melodic tales of the violins and the saxophone guide the listener through cinematic paths, into the delicate silence of the unpredictable woods of progressive rock.

Health and Safety at Tallinn Music Week 2021

The Estonian Government has decided that controlled cultural events can go ahead! Tallinn Music Week (TMW) will go ahead as planned 
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