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New Finnish PM’s first foreign visit to Estonia

The Finnish PM made first working visit to Estonia, meeting the Estonian PM and President.

Petteri Orpo and Kaja Kallas (Photo: Jurgen Randma, Flickr).

The new Prime Minister of Finland, Petteri Orpo from the National Coalition Party, made his first foreign visit to Estonia on Wednesday. He met the Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas and President Alar Karis. Orpo was sworn in office on 20 June.

The Finnish and Estonian prime ministers discussed relations between the two countries and the Baltic Sea region’s security. In a joint press conference, Orpo highlighted the relationship of the two kindred nations. “The relationship between Finland and Estonia is stronger today than ever before, we have a broad personal relationship and friendship, Finland and Estonia have strong cultural ties, our values, and ideas are very similar and our ideas about the reality around us are also very similar”, he said.