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Non-Profit Organisation Fenno-Ugria

'Fate of the Finno-Ugric peoples' seminar available to watch online

Fenno-Ugria's seminar 'Fate of the Finno-Ugric peoples: its substantiation in culture and the political reality' is now available to watch online. The seminar was organised in the framework of Tartu24 Finno-Ugric Days.


Andres Heinapuu 70

16 March was the birthday of Andres Heinapuu, one of the founders of Fenno-Ugria (1991).


Overview of Fenno-Ugria's 2023 Finno-Ugric Days

Fenno-Ugria organised a series of events in Tallinn and Tartu in October 2023 centred around the Finno-Ugric Day (a.k.a. Kindred Peoples’ Day), bringing together Finno-Ugric …


Fenno-Ugria employee appointed chairman of Taivaannaula

At the general meeting on 29 October, Patrick O’Rourke, a Fenno-Ugria employee and project manager, was elected chairman of the Finnish Folk Culture Association ‘Taivaannaula’. …


President Karis: 'We must not become indifferent to the fate of our kindred people amid other concerns'

In October, Estonia celebrated its Finno-Ugric identity throughout the month. The celebration culminated in and centred around the Finno-Ugric Day, also known as Kindred Peoples' Day, on the third Saturday of the month, this year on 21 October. The celebration was held in the Estonian National Museum and attended by the President of Estonia, Alar Karis. His speech is translated into English below.


Finno-ugric Knots 2022 out

Fenno-Ugria's yearbook 'Finno-Ugric Knots 2022' has been published, which gives an overview of the work and activities of Fenno-Ugria and its partners related to Finno-Ugric peoples, edited by Taisto-Kalevi Raudalainen, cover designed by Eva Sepping.


Finno-Ugric Days 2023

The theme of this year's Finno-Ugric Days is 'Courage', referring to difficult times and the courage to remain ourselves. A series of events in Tallinn and Tartu will bring together Finno-Ugric musicians, artists, writers and scholars. There will be an academic conference on Latvian indigenous peoples, a chance to listen to traditional music and listen to classical music. The month will end with hot club nights in Tartu and Tallinn.


Summer school "Shame and Guilt in Finno-Ugric Cultures"

Fenno-Ugria's summer school "Shame and Guilt in Finno-Ugric Cultures" took place in Kadrina Manor in Tartumaa between 18–20 August 2023.


Tallinn University's Finno-Ugric bloggers' school had a discussion at the Finno-Ugric film festival FUFF

As part of Tallinn University’s Summer School, the School for Finno-Ugric Bloggers took place on August 21-24. The results of the School were further discussed …


Fenno-Ugria at Paide Opinion Festival 11 August 2023: "Russian aggression in Ukraine and Finno-Ugric peoples"

Fenno-Ugria organised a panel discussion on 11 August at the Paide Opinion Festival. The panelists were Jaak Prozes (Fenno-Ugria adviser), Aimar Ventsel (ethnologist), Tõnu Seilenthal (Fenno-Ugria board member, Finno-Ugrist), Anna Kuznetsova (Fenno-Ugria project manager of Komi origin). The moderator was Barbi Pilvre (Director of Fenno-Ugria).


Introduction to the Opinion Festival panel "Russian aggression in Ukraine and Finno-Ugric peoples"

Before the Fenno-Ugria panel on "Russian aggression in Ukraine and the Finno-Ugric peoples" at the Paide Opinion Festival on 11 August, Külli Kapper, Editor of the Foreign News section of Postimees, interviewed Barbi Pilvre, Director of Fenno-Ugria.


Tõnu Seilenthal on cooperation with the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia

Fenno-Ugria Project Manager Janno Zõbin spoke to Tõnu Seilenthal after the Finnish-Russian Society seminar in Kuhmo on 14 June, about what was said at the …