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The Head of the University of Latvia Livonian Institute receives an international award

Valts Ernštreits, Head of the University of Latvia Livonian Institute, has received the Ilmapuu (World Tree) Award from the Kindred Peoples’ Programme of the Ministry …


The 6th international conference “Livonica. Livonian language, history, culture

The Livonians, though one of the smallest nations in Europe, have had a significant role in the languages, history, and culture of the Baltic Sea …


The UL Livonian Institute visits colleagues in the nordic countries

In June 2019, UL Livonian Institute director Valts Ernštreits visited the institute’s colleagues in the Nordic countries – activists, keepers, and researchers of Sámi and …


The Livonian Culture Day and Livonian Community House 80 years

The Livonian Culture day and the 80th birthday of the Livonian Community House will be celebrated on the 2nd and 3rd of August this year.  …


Twenty speakers, but three poets: writing in Livonian

Livonian is a Finno-Ugric language related to Finnish and Estonian. Once, hundreds of years ago, it was spoken throughout much of Latvia, but over the …


"Trilium / Trillium" receives the annual Latvian literary award

On Monday, March 25th in Rīga, the nominees for the 2019 Annual Latvian Literary Award were announced at the bookstore “NicePlace Telpa”. The lifetime achievement …