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The 6th international conference “Livonica. Livonian language, history, culture

The Livonians, though one of the smallest nations in Europe, have had a significant role in the languages, history, and culture of the Baltic Sea region, while also maintaining their own unique linguistic and cultural identity up to the present.

This conference of Livonian studies will feature presentations on a wide range of subjects relating to the Livonians: language and its documentation, sociolinguistics, language contact, history, archaeology, anthropology as well as studies focusing on more recent developments in the Livonian community, culture, folklore, ethnology, contemporary cultural processes and the interaction between these various areas.

2018 was a year filled with significant events for the Livonian community as well as for the study of Livonian language and culture. The Livonian cultural space was added to the Latvian national intangible cultural heritage list and the journey began towards its inclusion in the relevant UNESCO list. The last year also saw the founding of the Livonian Institute at the University of Latvia. The LIVONICA conference is dedicated to the University of Latvia on its one-hundredth anniversary as well as to the new institute on its first anniversary. A special Livonian cultural programme is also planned for the conference participants.

This conference is a part of the UNESCO Year of Indigenous Languages (2019) programme.

A peer-reviewed collection of articles in English will be published following the conference.

The location and dates of the conference: Rīga, August 26–27, 2019.

The conference organisers: University of Latvia Livonian Institute, University of Tartu Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics, Livonian Culture Centre

The working languages of the conference: Livonian, Latvian, English

More details here.

See the detailed programme here.