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rahvariided, inimesed, looduses

Day of Karelian and Vepsian Writing

Hyviä karjalan kielen päiviä!
Ani čomad vepsan kelen päivudet! / Lujas čomad vepsan kelen päivudet!

Happy Day of Karelian and Vepsian Writing!

April 20 is a day of celebration of altogether four different literary languages in the Republic of Karelia. In other words, this day is an anniversary of the main dialects of Karelian – Livvi-Karelian and Karelian proper –, Ludic and Vepsian.

On this day in 1989, the decree on the written standards of Karelian and Livvi-Karelian and the the literay language of Vepsian was approved in the Republic of Karelia.

In 2007, a new decree was approved that validated the alphabet of a unified Karelian literary language and stipulated that the Vepsian alphabet is based solely on the Latin alphabet. According to the 1989 decree, Vepsian could be written in both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.