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Estonian Mordvins celebrated Erzya Language Day

Mordvins living in Estonia celebrated the Erzya Language Day on April 14. The event was organised by the Estonian Mordvin Culture Society and the Erzya Cultural Association Syatko at the Tallinn Folk High School.

The linguist Nikolai Bayushkin talked about the Erzya language and the tradition of celebrating the Erzya Language Day. Bayushkin has recently been awarded recognition award from the Culture Foundation for his long-standing pedagogical work. The folklore ensemble of the Society “Vastoma” sang Erzyan and Mokshan songs.

A photo exhibition “Stepan Erzya and his world” was opened, introducing the outstanding Erzya sculptor Stepan Erzya (Stepan Nefyodov, 1876-1959) and his work. Erzya’s work includes mainly wood and bronze sculptures, and he has gained worldwide recognition for his art. The exhibition is open at the Tallinn Folk High School Vanalinna building until May 4.

On April 21, a seminar “Woman in Erzya and Moksha culture” will take place at the Estonian Literary Museum (Vanemuise 42) in Tartu. There is a photo exhibition of the same name in the lobby of the museum until May 9.