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Finno-Ugrian days return this October

The festival reaches its apex on the third Saturday of October – this year on October 15th – the day that the national flags of Estonia fly in honour of our fellow kindred peoples living all around the world.


Artyom Malykh: "Decline of standardized literary Uralic languages will coexist with the promotion of dialects as standardized languages"

On 21 October, Artyom Malykh, well-known Udmurt activist and founder of Uralistica social network, gave a talk on Uralic peoples of Russia at Sugrifest, a …


The Finns celebrate Kalevala Day

Today, on the 28th of February is Kalevala Day, marking the anniversary of the publication of Kalevala, compiled by Elias Lönnrot (1802-1884) from Finnish and Karelian oral folklore and …


'Quite incredible': demand for Indigenous literature goes global

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Indigenous literature has been one of the top-performing categories for local booksellers in 2019, and international publishers are noticing a similar …


The 15th Finno-Ugric Writers´ Congress to take place in Transilvania

The Association of Finno-Ugric literatures has been organizing congresses every two years since 1993. The aim of these Congresses is to keep and develop literary …


"Trilium / Trillium" receives the annual Latvian literary award

On Monday, March 25th in Rīga, the nominees for the 2019 Annual Latvian Literary Award were announced at the bookstore “NicePlace Telpa”. The lifetime achievement …