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Republic of Komi

Population of Komi Republic melts like spring snow

According to statistics of the Republic of Komi, 720,610 people were living in the Republic of Komi on 1 January 2024, down from 734,363 on 1 January 2022.


Cadet classes open in all Syktyvkar schools

Instead of informing the public about the opening of Komi language classes in the capital's schools, the city's press department announced the opening of cadet classes in all schools, starting from 1 September 2024.


The State Council of the Komi Republic rejected use of Komi in sittings

Viktor Vorobyov, a deputy to the State Council of the Komi Republic and a representative of the Communist Party, submitted a draft law to the State Council's Legislative Committee to allow the use of the Komi language in parliament.


Crime levels in the Komi Republic and the Republic of Karelia are the highest in the Russian Federation

Paradoxically, according to the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation, the highest crime rates were in Komi and Karelia, with 213.2 and 210.1 recorded crimes …


Chairman of the Association of Finno-Ugric Peoples of Russia met the leadership of the Komi Republic

Pyotr Tultayev, Chairman of the Finno-Ugric Association and Senator of the Council of the Russian Federation, met with the Head of the Republic Vladimir Uiba and the Chairman of the State Council of the Republic (Speaker) Sergey Usachov on 2 February.


Komi language preserved with technology

The Bureau for Official Language Translation of the Komi Republic is developing and expanding its activities, the head of the Office, Lyubov Matveyeva, informed.


Komi politician prevented from speaking in Komi

As reported by The Barents Observer, member of the Komi State Council from the Communist Party, Ekaterina Dyachkova, wanted to ask Senator Elena Shumilova whether she cares about preserving the Komi language and whether she continues to use it. The microphone was not turned on for her when she spoke and the speaker of the house, Sergei Usachev, made an offensive comment.


The anniversary of the Komi Republic celebrated in a more militaristic style this year

On 22 August, the 102nd anniversary of the Komi Republic was celebrated. The day is a regional holiday.


The Komi Republic has the highest birth rate of all North-West Russian regions

In the first half of 2023, Komi Republic will have the highest fertility rate compared to other regions of North-West Russia.