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The anniversary of the Komi Republic celebrated in a more militaristic style this year

On 22 August, the 102nd anniversary of the Komi Republic was celebrated. The day is a regional holiday.


The main events took place in Stefan Square in Sõktõvkar. Most of them showcased different areas of life in the republic. Kirov Square, on the other hand, hosted the festival “Dialogue of Cultures: Nordic diversity”.

This year’s official celebrations were particularly militaristic, with several from the Republic of Komi who died in the Russian-Ukrainian war being awarded the title of Hero of the Republic. The speech of the Head of State of the Komi Republic, Vladimir Uiba, lasting a few minutes, also included an address to the Komi fighters: “I salute the warriors who are fighting for peace and freedom. Eternal remembrance to the fallen who fought against the neo-Nazis,” Uiba said. On 22 August 1991, the white-blue-red tricolour was adopted as the national flag of Russia.

On 22 August 22 1921, the Komi Soviet Socialist Autonomous Oblast was formed, and in 1936, the oblast was granted the status of an autonomous republic within the Socialist Republic of the Russian Soviet Federation. On 29 August 1990, the autonomous republic was renamed the Komi Soviet Socialist Republic, which was granted the status of a sovereign republic. On 26 May 1992, the Komi Republic was formed.