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The State Council of the Komi Republic rejected use of Komi in sittings

Viktor Vorobyov, a deputy to the State Council of the Komi Republic and a representative of the Communist Party, submitted a draft law to the State Council’s Legislative Committee to allow the use of the Komi language in parliament.

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According to the draft law, Komi would be used in addition to Russian at the meetings of the State Council, and speeches would be translated into Russian in accordance with the law. ‘There is no doubt that Komi language should be used as the official language of the Komi Republic at the sessions of the State Council of the Komi Republic,’ Vorobyov explained.

At the same time, the department of the Komi Voityr Syktyvkar, the central Komi national organisation, proposed to the State Council that it buy simultaneous translation equipment and employ a specialist with an excellent command of Komi terminology.

However, the Legislative Committee of the State Council refused to put the bill on the agenda.

In October 2023, Yekaterina Dyachkova, a member of the National Assembly of Komi ethnicity, was not allowed to put a question in the Komi language before the State Council. State Council Speaker Sergei Usachov turned off Dyachkova’s microphone and said: ‘We don’t have a kolkhoz here.’