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Cadet classes open in all Syktyvkar schools

Instead of informing the public about the opening of Komi language classes in the capital’s schools, the city’s press department announced the opening of cadet classes in all schools, starting from 1 September 2024.

sõjalis-patrootlik kasvatus Komimaal

In Syktyvkar, great attention is paid to children’s all-round development, including patriotic upbringing, local education leaders stress. ‘The boys take part actively in events dedicated to this theme, and some of them have already decided to tie their lives to work in our country’s law enforcement agencies. For this reason, every year cadet classes with different training profiles are opened in schools, supervised by specialists from the city’s law enforcement structures,’ said Olga Brigida, the city’s education director.

The number of cadets has doubled compared to last year – today, 36 such classes and 37 groups have been opened in the city, with over 800 children enrolled, while this year cadet classes will be opened in every school in Syktyvkar and military-patriotic clubs will be established.

In addition, lessons on manliness will be held in all classes and schools will hold a weekly Russian flag-raising ceremony and anthem singing. Work is also underway to actively involve children and young people in other patriotic movements, such as the Russian Eagle Scouts and the First Movement. The installation of memorial plaques and heroes’ pins in schools commemorating those who died in special military operations plays an important role in fostering patriotism. Also, from 1 September, the subject ‘Basics of life safety and defence of the homeland’ will be taught to schoolchildren. To this end, the teaching equipment in all schools has been completely renewed.

The ‘Youth Army’ movement is gaining particular popularity, with over 30 thousand members. However, there are calls to increase the number of young soldiers. From this year onwards, a tradition of full membership is planned to be introduced on 8 May, the day before Victory Day. On the other hand, a military education centre has been set up on the basis of the Syktyvkar Youth Centre, which will host various events and activities aimed at fostering patriotism among schoolchildren.

Special attention will also be paid to the design of school premises. The main objectives of this project are to develop a sense of national and cultural identity among schoolchildren, to familiarise them with the opportunities offered by the country, and to develop in them a sense of belonging and responsibility through collective action. Educating young people to become active citizens of their country is an important task for schools.

Thus, Russia is militarising rapidly and the education system is playing a very important role. The system has to produce obedient warriors who can be sent by the authorities to fight wherever they want in the interests of the country. To do this, however, brainwashing has to start from the ground up. At present, we have essentially reached a situation where two thirds of students belong to one or other patriotic or semi-military organisation.