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President Karis: 'We must not become indifferent to the fate of our kindred people amid other concerns'

In October, Estonia celebrated its Finno-Ugric identity throughout the month. The celebration culminated in and centred around the Finno-Ugric Day, also known as Kindred Peoples' Day, on the third Saturday of the month, this year on 21 October. The celebration was held in the Estonian National Museum and attended by the President of Estonia, Alar Karis. His speech is translated into English below.


'Smoke Sauna Sisterhood' nominated for international awards

The Estonian-made and co-produced documentary film ‘Smoke Sauna Sisterhood’, or ‘Savvusanna sõsarad’ in South Estonian has received much international attention. The movie, directed by Anna …


Estonian Language Board presented proposals regarding Seto, Võro

In May, the Estonian Language Board suggested eight proposals regarding the legal status of the South Estonian languages, Võro and Seto.


New Finnish PM's first foreign visit to Estonia

The Finnish PM made first working visit to Estonia, meeting the Estonian PM and President.


XIII Youth Song Festival

The XIII Estonian Youth Song Festival “Holy is the Land” took place in the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds from 30 June to 2 July. The …


Estonia issues stamp in honour of Finland's NATO membership

Omniva has issued a new stamp to celebrate Finland’s NATO membership. The stamp was unveiled during a presentation at the Finnish Embassy in Tallinn on …


Estonian MPs call for creation of UN special tribunal for Russian war crimes

A total of 94 Estonian MPs submitted a draft petition to Riigikogu, the Estonian Parliament, to hold Russia accountable for its war crimes in Ukraine. …


Coping with crises and trauma in Finno-Ugric cultures

The crisis and traumas related to Russia's aggression in Ukraine affect not only representatives of Finno-Ugric minorities living in Estonia with Russian citizenship, but also Estonians: there is mutual learning. Estonians and Finns, as small nations and Finno-Ugric people, have been forced to adapt to very rapid social changes due to the changed geopolitical situation and the war, and that is not always easy. This was discussed at the OEF/Active Citizens Fund project seminar held on 13 May in Tapa.


Photo Competition of the Groves has begun

The annual Photo Competition of the Groves organised by Hiite Maja Foundation has begun, where photos and videos of groves and other historic sacred natural sites are welcomed. The purpose of the competition is to record and value the cultural and natural heritage of indigenous sacred sites and to encourage people to get to know them.


Livonian Heritage Day

Today on 26 March 2023 is the first occasion that the Livonian Heritage Day is celebrated in numerous locations both in Latvia and Estonia. The …