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Mari El

Mari holiday Shorykyol

The Mari holiday begins on a Friday after the new moon after the Winter Solstice. Shorykyol lasts for a week, this year from 5 January to 12 January.


The number of mobilised from Mari El for the Russian-Ukrainian war revealed

The head of Mari El Republic, Yuri Zaitsev, answered the questions of the republic's citizens dissatisfied with the mobilisation in a live broadcast on 14 November.


Russian authorities want to silence Stalin's repression

By the decision of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR on October 18, 1991, October 30 was declared the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repression. However, in the Russian Federation, the day was also celebrated this year.


Mari El and Udmurt Republics 103 years

On 4 November, the birthdays of republics were celebrated in Mari El and Udmurtia, capped by the celebration of the Russian Federation's newest national holiday - the Day of National Unity.


Unique research centre for Uralic languages opens in Mari El

At the II Forum of Finno-Ugric Peoples of the Russian Federation in Saransk, the Rector of Mari State University, Mikhail Shvetsov, presented the new Centre for the Study of Uralic Languages, which opened on 1 September.


Nine people killed by hurricane in Mari El

Hundreds of settlements in Mari El were left without electricity and nine people were killed, Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations said. The disaster has received worldwide coverage.


A traveller's book on Mari El and Udmurtia published

Esa-Jussi Salminen's book Sankarimatkailijan Marinmaa ja Udmurtia ("An Adventurer's Mari El and Udmurtia") was recently published in Finland. This was announced by the author on Facebook and VKontakte.


Blogger from Mari El fined for war video

A court in Mari El's Yoshkar-Ola district has fined local blogger Andrei Filippov 1.8 million roubles (nearly 18 thousand euros) for a video about the war in Ukraine. The blogger was convicted of spreading "fakes" to incite hatred against the Russian army.


The Mari want former state symbols back

The Mari youth movement has started collecting signatures in Mari El to change the national emblem and formally reintroduce the former emblem. To date, 300 signatures have been collected.