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war in Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine war

The number of mobilised from Mari El for the Russian-Ukrainian war revealed

The head of Mari El Republic, Yuri Zaitsev, answered the questions of the republic's citizens dissatisfied with the mobilisation in a live broadcast on 14 November.


Fenno-Ugria at Paide Opinion Festival 11 August 2023: "Russian aggression in Ukraine and Finno-Ugric peoples"

Fenno-Ugria organised a panel discussion on 11 August at the Paide Opinion Festival. The panelists were Jaak Prozes (Fenno-Ugria adviser), Aimar Ventsel (ethnologist), Tõnu Seilenthal (Fenno-Ugria board member, Finno-Ugrist), Anna Kuznetsova (Fenno-Ugria project manager of Komi origin). The moderator was Barbi Pilvre (Director of Fenno-Ugria).


Introduction to the Opinion Festival panel "Russian aggression in Ukraine and Finno-Ugric peoples"

Before the Fenno-Ugria panel on "Russian aggression in Ukraine and the Finno-Ugric peoples" at the Paide Opinion Festival on 11 August, Külli Kapper, Editor of the Foreign News section of Postimees, interviewed Barbi Pilvre, Director of Fenno-Ugria.


Tõnu Seilenthal on cooperation with the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia

Fenno-Ugria Project Manager Janno Zõbin spoke to Tõnu Seilenthal after the Finnish-Russian Society seminar in Kuhmo on 14 June, about what was said at the …


Suspect of mass murder in Karelia fought in Ukraine

Igor Sofonov, a career criminal from the Russian Republic of Karelia, is suspected of killing six residents of the village of Derevyannoye near Petrozavodsk, The Barents Observer reports.


Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev accuses Finland of confrontation

Nikolai Patrushev, Executive Director of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, told a meeting on security issues in Petrozavodsk on 31 July that foreign special services are destabilising the socio-political situation in the Republic of Karelia, provoking riots and supporting separatist sentiments, especially among young people.


Blogger from Mari El fined for war video

A court in Mari El's Yoshkar-Ola district has fined local blogger Andrei Filippov 1.8 million roubles (nearly 18 thousand euros) for a video about the war in Ukraine. The blogger was convicted of spreading "fakes" to incite hatred against the Russian army.


Estonian MPs call for creation of UN special tribunal for Russian war crimes

A total of 94 Estonian MPs submitted a draft petition to Riigikogu, the Estonian Parliament, to hold Russia accountable for its war crimes in Ukraine. …


Finno-Ugric musicians at Tallinn Freedom School

Udmurt musicians Maria Korepanova, Pavel Kutergin and Mari Anna Makeev performed at the Ukrainian Freedom School in Tallinn on 8 June. Fenno-Ugria's project manager Anna Kuznetsova talked about the Finno-Ugric peoples.


Discussion Evening With Writer Mikhail Shishkin on Russia's Future

On 25 May, the Russian-Swiss writer, Mikhail Shishkin, was the invited to talk at Open Estonia Foundation’s discussion evening in Tallinn, titled “What Will Happen …


Coping with crises and trauma in Finno-Ugric cultures

The crisis and traumas related to Russia's aggression in Ukraine affect not only representatives of Finno-Ugric minorities living in Estonia with Russian citizenship, but also Estonians: there is mutual learning. Estonians and Finns, as small nations and Finno-Ugric people, have been forced to adapt to very rapid social changes due to the changed geopolitical situation and the war, and that is not always easy. This was discussed at the OEF/Active Citizens Fund project seminar held on 13 May in Tapa.


Saami fighting on both sides of front in Ukraine

The Saami community in Russia was divided in half after the war in Ukraine began. Some of the Saami have taken part in protests in support of the Russian attack, Justas Stasevskiy reports on YLE.