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Fenno-Ugria recommends

Welcome to the XXXVII IFUSCO

The registration form can be found here.

A conference participation fee of 10 EUR will be collected at the conference venue in case IFUSCO takes place “offline”. If, due to the epidemiological situation, IFUSCO will take place virtually, no participation fee will be collected.

Registration is open to March 20th, 2022.

IFUSCO (International Finno-Ugric Students’ Conference) is an annual international conference for and by students interested in matters related to Finno-Ugric (Uralic) languages and peoples. The conference brings together students of various disciplines such as linguistics, ethnography, history, literature, translation theory, and many more. Since 1984, IFUSCO has been held in a different place each year. 

See you in Prague!