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H6imuklubi-saami plakat

Tribal Club: Who in fact are the Sámi?

Fenno-Ugria organizes

The dispute over Sámi issues has sparked a government crisis in Finland. Finland is about to hold parliamentary elections – the Eduskunta – which could also be affected by the Sami issue. At the heart of the long-running dispute is the question of whether indigenous peoples themselves have the right to define who they are. Controversies with the Sámi suggest that Finland has been a colonial state, but also that the time of oppression of the Sámi is fading into history. In conversation with Sámi activist Piibe Aikio and Hannele Valkeeniemi, Director of the Finnish Institute.

Organisers: Fenno-Ugria and the Institute of the Estonian Language
Supporters: The Cultural Endowment of Estonia, The Kindred Peoples’ Programme, The Tallinn Cultural Heritage Board

Institute of the Estonian Language, Tallinn