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Our Indigenous Friends

Exhibition / Numsang Joh
Forest Film School at Numsang Joh in Khantyland, 2018

“Our indigenous friends” is an interactive travelling exhibition which includes films, photos and sound installations based on our three year work with indigenous people in Siberia, Khanty-Mansi area in Numsang Joh camp.

Team of Estonian and Finnish artists and film professionals work each year with 35-60 kids in the Forest Film School, requiring them to use their mother tongue for filmmaking. Most of the time it is their first interaction with a camera, their own language as an artistic tool.

As an outcome you are welcome to see the first Khanty language short films, video art pieces and sound installations. You get to know their faces and stories. They become your friends. They are the last ones to try to keep their culture and nature alive in an extremely wild environment.

We would like to draw attention to the language extinction!

Around 7,000 languages are spoken worldwide. 200 most spoken languages are used by 89% of the world’s population. There are not many languages left with only a million speakers. 530 languages are spoken only by the elderly, and another 650 languages are known to not be spoken by any child. About four to five languages a year have disappeared in recent years. That leads to the prediction of an explosive increase in language extinction in the next few decades.

If you are interested in contributing to our exhibition, please contact us!
We would be happy to collaborate and send our exhibition to as many places as possible!
The films were made in two one-week forest camps near Kazym, Khanti-Mansiiski territory
Edina Csüllög