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virn ajalhti


The Nordic Pavilion Becomes the First Sámi Pavilion

For the first time, only Sámi artists will be presented in a national pavilion at the Venice Biennale, and for the first time, the Sámi will be recognised as a nation in a pavilion that bears their name.


TMW 2021: Fenno-Ugria Night is coming in a week! Who is performing?

The night also represents a bridge between TMW and the Finno-Ugrian Days, an event that introduces Finno-Ugric peoples, set to take place in October.


Who are the Sámi people? Meet them on their National Day

The only indigenous people of the European Union are mostly unknown throughout the world. Read in this article about their origin, customs, and the discrimination …


THE GUARDIAN: Indigenous reindeer herders win hunting rights battle in Sweden

A group of indigenous reindeer herders has won a 30-year battle to take back exclusive rights to hunting and fishing across a swathe of Arctic Sweden, …


Videos of Fenno-Ugria Night showcase at Tallinn Music Week 2019

Fenno-Ugria is happy to publicize the videos of our performers at Fenno-Ugria Night showcase at the festival of tomorrows music, arts and ideas – Tallinn Music …


The Barents Observer: Sami fishers rejoice over court decision in Finland

The Barents Observer: Fishers rejoice over court decision in Finland: «The court has now declared that we Sámi have rights to our culture»  The District …