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Snapshots from the decades of deportation

On 22 September, Helena Miettinen, chair of the NGO Nouse Inkeri in Finland since 2020, and Anni Reuter opened a photo exhibition about the lives of the Ingrian Finns: ‘Days from the decades of deportation’ at the Tampere House in Tartu.


At the opening, Anni Reuter talked about her latest popular science publication, Inkeri Sava opened up the problem of remembering, and singer and songwriter Eila Pöllänen from Sweden performed songs based on the photographs on display.

The photo exhibition focuses on the mass repression of the Ingrian Roma in the Stalin-era Soviet Union. Some of the photos come from the family albums of the interviewees and from the archives of the NGO Nouse Inkeri, while others are from Anni Reuter’s (Jääskeläinen) recent monograph ‘Suomalaiset Stalinin puhdistuksissa’ (‘Finns in Stalin’s repression’, SKS 2023). Most of the illustrative material in this work, in turn, comes from the Jääskeläinen family archives.

The authors’ perspective is both scholarly and subjective, as both of their close relatives have been sent to prison camps or deported. Among them were several who never returned…


Taisto Raudalainen

Academic Ingria Society of Estonia