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Mari and Udmurt birthrate in Bashkortostan highest in region

The Statistical Office of Bashkortostan used the last census, in 2021, to find out which ethnic groups in the republic have the highest number of children.


Udmurts had the highest number of children per thousand women aged 15+ (2,058), followed by Mari (1,943) and Tajiks (1,927). They were followed by Chuvash (1,919), Erzya-Moksha (1,886), Bashkirs (1,701), Uzbeks (1,675), Ukrainians (1,657), Tatars (1,563), Armenians (1,553). Russians rounded off the list with 1,343 children per 1,000 women of fertile age.

Despite the higher birth rate, the number of Mari living in Bashkortostan decreased from 105,829 to 84,989, or 19.7%. The number of Udmurts decreased from 22,635 to 17,149, a decrease of 24.2%. The number of births and deaths of Mari and Udmurts is more or less in balance, but the decrease is due to emigration and assimilation.