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Finno-ugric Knots 2022 out

Fenno-Ugria’s yearbook ‘Finno-Ugric Knots 2022’ has been published, which gives an overview of the work and activities of Fenno-Ugria and its partners related to Finno-Ugric peoples, edited by Taisto-Kalevi Raudalainen, cover designed by Eva Sepping.

soome-ugri sõlmed 2022

The Finno-Ugric sense of life and cultural vitality in the new geopolitical situation were discussed in the Paide Opinion Festival discussion panel, which was attended by  Raivo VetikMadis ArukaskLinda Kaljundi and Jaak Prozes. Data on Finno-Ugric peoples and languages show the continuing decline of these cultures. Jaak Prozes, Fenno-Ugria’s adviser, and linguist Jüri Viikberg comment on recent census data in the Russian Federation and Estonia from the perspective of Finno-Ugric peoples. Sven-Erik Soosaar discusses the principles for the protection of indigenous languages and peoples in the light of the ideas of the UNESCO Decade of Indigenous Languages 2022–2032. There are also book reviews and eulogies for Tiit-Rein Viitso, as well as articles on the anniversaries of Kristi Salve, Arvo ValtonTõnu Seilenthal and Kauksi Ülle. The Yearbook also introduces cultural and educational projects supported by the Kindred Peoples’ Programme of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

The book will be presented at Fenno-Ugria’s general meeting on 14 June and will be available in stores shortly.