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Russian aggression in Ukraine and Finno-Ugric peoples

Fenno-Ugria is organising a panel discussion at the Paide Opinion Festival. Location: Kirev area (nr. 5). Panel participants: Jaak Prozes (Fenno-Ugria adviser), Aimar Ventsel (ethnologist), Tõnu Seilenthal (Fenno-Ugria board member, Finno-Ugrist), Anna Kuznetsova (Fenno-Ugria project manager of Komi origin), Madis Arukask (Fenno-Ugria board chairman, folklorist). Moderator Barbi Pilvre (Director of Fenno-Ugria). The panel is in Estonian.

Putin’s regime has mobilised mainly from the Russian countryside in its aggression against Ukraine. There, dwindling and Russifying minority communities have at times taken an officially pro-Putin stance. As a Finno-Ugric people, are we Estonians also co-responsible for the behaviour of Russia’s kindred peoples? Has kindred cooperation in intellectual circles over the past 50 years run into the sand?

Paide Opinion Festival