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Livonian Culture day

and Livonian Community House 80 years

Fenno-Ugria supports

The Livonian Culture day and the 80th birthday of the Livonian Community House will be celebrated on the 2nd and 3rd of August this year. 

On the 3rd of August a Livonian festival will takLivonian festivalLivonian festivale place in the same spot.

All events take place in Irē (in Lavtian Mazirbē).

Estonian minister of culture Tõnis Lukas, Estonian ambassador Arti Hilpus and the advisor of the Ministry of Culture in Estonia Margus Kasterpalu will visit the seminar that takes place on the 2nd of August. They will also get more introduced with the Livonian culture and the culture house.

NGO Fenno-Ugria will be represented by the adviser Jaak Prozes .

The Livonian culture house was built with the support of Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Hungary for the Livonian people 80 years ago.

On Saturday it is also possible to see  the Estonian-Latvian dance performance “First to leave” at the culture house.

in Irē (in Lavtian Mazirbē)