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Days of National Cultures and Ethnic Market celebrated in Tallinn

Source: MariUver.

Tallinn hosted the 9th annual Days of National Cultures, a celebration highlighting the rich cultures of the city’s local ethnic minorities, from September 16 to 24.

The major ethnic groups in Tallinn are Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Finns, Jews and Tatars, but hundreds of citizens of Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Sweden and other countries.

Also, between 23-24 September, the Estonian Union of National Minorities organised the yearly Ethnic Market, where Finno-Ugric minorities in Estonia were represented. Among others, the Tallinn Mari Society, the Udmurt Society, the Estonian Mordvin Society, the Estonian Societ of Ingrian Finns, and the Finno-Ugric music ensemble took part in the festivities.