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Towards a Strategic Outcome Document of the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

Photo: UN
Photo: UN

The UN International Year of Indigenous Languages invites all stakeholders to contribute to the strategic outcome document of the year.

Introduction to the survey:In its resolution 71/178, on the rights of indigenous peoples, the General Assembly proclaimed 2019 as the International Year. The International Year is an important international cooperation mechanism dedicated to raising awareness of a particular topic or theme of international interest or concern and mobilizing different players for coordinated action around the world. Among the envisioned strategic objectives of the International Year is the preparation of a Global Outcome Document, which would set out the direction for future global actions for policy-making in the area of indigenous languages. All interested stakeholders are invited to provide their comments and inputs for the elaboration and finalization of the Outcome Document. The online consultations will contribute to ensure the comprehensiveness and open-endedness of the document, by integrating the perspectives of a wide range of stakeholders.

The draft version of the Outcome Document (downloadable here) is the result of a collaborative and collective effort launched by UNESCO and prepared in collaboration with the members of the Steering Committee for the organization of the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages, the members of the Open-ended Drafting Group established to contribute to the preparation of the Strategic Outcome Document, and other stakeholders involved in the implementation of the IYIL2019.

Please submit your comments and inputs, if any, for each of the seven chapters of the Outcome Document by 2 September 2019, 6 pm Paris time. Please complete the online survey as follows:

  1. Enter your details for user-registration;
  2. Download the document in PDF format;
  3. Insert your comments in the respective boxes for each chapter of the document;
  4. Insert your comments from the stakeholder perspective;

Please submit the form online by 2 September 2019, 6 pm Paris time. The comments provided by anonymous contributors will not be taken into consideration. For more information about the IYIL2019, please consult the Action Plan for the implementation of the year.