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♫ 2023

TMW’2023 Fenno-Ugria Night

The TMW Fenno-Ugria Night reveals the genuine charm of the musical heritage of Estonians and other Finno-Ugric peoples. Rooted in tradition, these musicians sing and play authentic instruments, creating connections between the past and the present through vivid rhythms, captivating improvisations and diverse, bright soundscapes.

Fenno-Ugria Night is dedicated to the International Decade of Indigenous Languages, which values small and endangered languages.

When? 11.05.2023 kl 18.00

Where? Erinevate Tubade Klubi, Tallinn


18:30–19:10 TKP: Julgī Stalte & Ēriks Zeps (LV)

19:30–20:10 Duo Ruut (EE)

20:30–21:10 Mari Kalkun (EE)

21:30–22:10 Hurja Halla (FI)

22:30–23:10 Tintura (EE)

23:30–00:10 Zajnal (HU)