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Mansi rapper opens studio

Rapper Yevgeny Anyamov, who records his songs in Mansi, has opened his own music studio.

Mansi rapper Yevgeny Anyamov, going by the pen name Bizzo, has opened his own music studio. There he plans to create new compositions, as well as to familiarise young people with the culture of his indigenous people.

The rapper’s fans raised the funds to rent the space in his hometown of Ivdel (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) and buy professional equipment in a single, according to NEFT.

In his new studio Evgeny Anyamov wants to gather teenagers, whom he will teach the Mansi language, record the first tracks with them and make them a popular Mansi boyband. This is how he dreams of reviving Mansi culture and bringing it to the masses, NEFT reports.

‘To the first three people I’ll do the recording, mixing and mastering for free. I will definitely share the successes. Everyone can come to us, record their music, make a video and realise together some ideas for social and educational projects’, Anyamov explains.

According to the last census, there are 12,228 Mansi living in the Russian Federation. Compared to the previous census in 2010, their number has remained unchanged. However, the number of speakers of the ethnic language has declined significantly. For example, the number of Mansi speakers was 1,346 in the last census of 2021, while 2,093 people, or only 17% of Mansi speakers, considered Mansi as their mother tongue.