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Kunstnik: Piret Räni

Every Language Hides A World

Opening Event Of The United Nations’ International Indigenous Languages Decade In Estonia

Organizers: Ministry of Culture of Estonia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Ministry of Education and Science of Estonia, UNESCO Office in Estonia, Estonian Language Institute and Fenno-Ugria NPO

NB! The opening event in the hybrid form is by invitation and will be broadcast live on the Fenno-Ugria website 


Sven-Erik Soosaar – UN Indigenous Peoples’ Forum Expert, Linguist (PhD)
Dr. Tawfik Jelassi –  UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information
Martin Ehala – Linguist (PhD) 
“Big languages should reduce their language ecological footprint” 

What are the hopes and expectations for the decade of indigenous languages? What could change and what actions should be taken? 

Anne-Ly Reimaa – Head of International Relations on Integration Issues of Estonian Ministry of Culture; 
Sirli Zupping –  Adviser at Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Head of the Finno-Ugric  Programme Board; 
Rein Oidekivi – Adviser for  International Organizations and Human Rights Bureau of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 
Ave Grenberg – Director of Institute Mulgi Culture, Cooperation Council of Estonia’s Indigenous Languages; 
Marju Kõivupuu – Tallinn University senior researcher, speaker of the Võru language  
Finno-ugric folk songs

Musical greetings from the Sami indigenous nation by Katarina Barruk, who represents the Umea Sami language with only a dozen of speakers. 


Event is part of the event series Rahvusvaheline põliskeelte kümnend 2022–2032