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näituse avamine Vormsi rahvamajas
Opening of the exhibition 100 years of the Ingrian Finns in the Vormsi village hall. Photo: Barbi Pilvre

100 years of the Ingrian Finns

The exhibition, based mainly on private photo albums, tells the story of the complex fate of the Ingrian Finnish people over the course of around a hundred years. The selection of photographs is drawn from around 4,000 photos.

Fenno-Ugria organizes

At the opening of the exhibition on 21 July, Taisto Raudalainen spoke about the resettlement of small peoples during the Second World War, which concerned the settlement of coastal areas that were left behind: the Ingrians, the coastal Swedes, but also the Estonian villages behind the Peipsi, the Sõrve residents on Saaremaa. The Ingrian societies were represented by Hilma Tervonen from the Haapsalu society and Raissa Kesküla from the Tallinn society.

Compiled by Taisto Raudalainen, designed by Herkki Merila.

Vormsi village hall, Vormsi island