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Anniversary of Votic symbology

15 December is the day of the Votic symbology. On this day in 2002, the Votic flag and coat of arms were created. The main author was the artist and poet Aleksandr Gurinov, while Tatyana and Sergei Yefimov, founders of the Votic Museum in the village of Luzhitsy, were consultants. Vladimir Zernov advised on heraldry.

The Votic flag and coat of arms depict a white triangular wedge, which is the central element of the symbolism and symbolizes the Votic land, but also the Votes. The blue triangles, on the other hand, mark Lake Pskov and the Gulf of Finland, indicating that the Land of the Votes is situated between the two bodies of water. The red cross is a symbol of eternity, a reminder of the link between generations and ancestors. Many large, centuries-old stone crosses can be found in the Land of the Votes.

According to the latest census, there were 99 Votes living in the Russian Federation and 10 in Estonia. Unlike most Finno-Ugric peoples, the number of Votes has been increasing, both in Estonia and Russia.