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Tallinn University’s Finno-Ugric bloggers’ school had a discussion at the Finno-Ugric film festival FUFF

As part of Tallinn University’s Summer School, the School for Finno-Ugric Bloggers took place on August 21-24. The results of the School were further discussed in the Livonian village Mazirbe, Latvia, on August 25-27 at the Finno-Ugric Film Festival FUFF.

The programme of the film festival included a film programme of Estonian, Hungarian, Canadian and Latvian films. In addition, workshops were organised where Julgi Stalte taught Livonian dances and played Livonian music, Marija Launonen presented Khanty embroidery. In the evenings, participants enjoyed disco music inspired by Finno-Ugric cultures and a concert by the Livonian band “Nei um“.

Fenno-Ugria Project Manager, Tallinn University Summer School organiser Anna Kuznetsova organised a discussion about Finno-Ugric blogging. During the School for Finno-Ugric Bloggers held at Tallinn University, the creation of social media materials was taught; the goal was also to spread information about the Finno-Ugric peoples and arouse interest in Finno-Ugric cultures among young people. The programme of the School for Finno-Ugric Bloggers included theory lectures that promoted the understanding of social media and its impact, as well as the experiences of other bloggers and the acquisition of practical skills through workshops. As a result of the school, two new blogs were created – about the Komi and Izhorian cultures – and pictures and video materials introducing Finno-Ugric languages and cultures.

At FUFF, it was discussed how blogs can be further developed, how to find ideas and inspiration, and how to talk to the bearers of Finno-Ugric culture living in Russia and influence them through blogs.

The project is funded by the Kindred Peoples’ Programme of Estonia.