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language technology

Komi language preserved with technology

The Bureau for Official Language Translation of the Komi Republic is developing and expanding its activities, the head of the Office, Lyubov Matveyeva, informed.


An Enets language learning app released in Kursk

Students of "Quantorium", Georgy Sergeev, Artyom Sevryukov and Victoria Demchenko created an application "Enchuu" for learning the Enets language.


Telegram has a bot that understands Mari

A chatbot that understands the Mari language has appeared in Telegram. The programme was developed by Mari linguist Andrey Chemyshev and his associates, Mariyskaya Pravda …


New language technology developed for Uralic languages

This year, there has been progress in developing modern software for the Uralic languages. Programmes related to Udmurt and Mari are being developed, in addition to a Uralic-language machine translation engine at the University of Tartu.