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Fenno-Ugria’s Exhibitions:

‘WATERFOWL PEOPLE. Lennart Meri’s film journeys 1969-1988’ is a mobile exhibiion that presents the cultures and traditions of Finno-Ugric peoples through photographic memories. These journeys, led by Lennart Meri (1929-2006), former President of Estonia, resulted in documentary films about Finno-Ugric peoples which became the first of their kind to gain international attention. These films gave an overview of the ancient traditions, rituals, folk poetry, ethnography and posited exciting hypotheses. We have designed this exhibition based on photos made during these journeys.
The exhibition has been designed by Peeter Laurits, with supporting texts by sound operator Enn Säde who took part in these expeditions.
The exhibition consists of 14 PVC boards (75 x 100 cm) and packed in an easily transportable box. Texts on boards are in Estonian and additional A3 boards in English and Russian are available upon request. Texts in additional languages can also be printed out as separate A4 flyers.

‘Sacred nature sites of Uralic peoples’ is an exhibition consisting of photos of sacred sites of Finns, Saami, Veps, Karelians, Izhorians, Livonians, Komi, Udmurts, Mari, Erzya, Merians, Khanty, Nenets, Setos and Estonians.
Estonians and our kindred peoples have always viewed nature as an ally. In sacred sites we have protected nature since times immemorial. Sacred sites have also helped preserve our language, culture and people. Natural landscapes of Uralic peoples extend from Saami tundras to Hungary’s Pannonian Steppes and from Siberia’s taiga to the young islets of the Baltic Sea.
The exhibition has been designed by the Sacred Nature Sites Centre of the University of Tartu and Hiite Maja Foundation, texts have been written by Ahto Kaasik. The exhibition has been produced by NPO Fenno-Ugria. The exhibition includes 15 A2 photos printed on boards. A selection of the exhibition can be viewed here.