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Finno-Ugric peoples at Tallinn University’s Winter School

In January, the course Introduction to Estonia and Finno-Ugric Cultures was held as a part of Tallinn Winter School by Tallinn University.

A six-day workshop on Finno-Ugric Studies provides an overview of the Finno-Ugric nations’ history, culture, and modern developments. Course lecturers Anna Kuznetsova and David Edwards introduced the history of the Finno-Ugric peoples, talked about a comparative historical introduction to the history of Estonia, Finland and Hungary, Estonian and Finno-Ugric national identity, Finno-Ugric traditional and modern culture, organised a Komi language and culture workshop and introduced the activities of the Fenno-Ugria Foundation.

This year, participants from the USA, Germany, China, Hungary and Brazil took part in the course. The course feedback is positive; it was noted that the lecturers are knowledgeable and inspiring professionals, supported the students’ intellectual and professional development. The participants especially liked the lessons about Komi culture, Mansi traditions and Estonian identity.

Next summer, a similar course will be held as part of the Tallinn University Summer School, to which all interested are welcome to apply.