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veelinnurahvas rooma ülikoolis
Veelinnurahvas Rooma ülikoolis

Waterfowl People

The chairman of the Fenno-Ugria board, Madis Arukask gave a presentation at the opening ceremony titled "On the animistic beliefs of the small Finno-Ugric peoples today."

Fenno-Ugria organizes

Fenno-Ugria continues presenting the travelling exhibition “Waterfowl People. Lennart Meri’s film journeys 1969-1988” in Italian institutions of higher education. Between February 22-June 30, the exhibition is on display at the Marco Polo room of the Sapienza University of Rome (Via dello Scalo di San Lorenzo 82, 00159 Rome).

The exhibition was opened with a seminar the chairwoman of the Italian-Estonian Society and worker at the Sapienza University, Ülle Toode talked about Lennart Meri as a familiariser of Finno-Ugric peoples. Chairman of the Fenno-Ugria board, Madi Arukask gave a presentation on the animistic beliefs of smaller Finno-Ugric peoples. The seminar was dedicated to the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and it included greetings from representatives of the embassies of Estonia and Finland and the director of the Hungarian Institute of Rome.

The main organiser of the exhibition and seminar is Edit Roszavölgyi, lecturer at the Department of European, American and Intercultural Studies of the Sapienza University of Rome, who is in charge of the teaching of Hungarian language and literature, as well as Finno-Ugric philology.


Sapienza University of Rome, Rome