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Таллиннский университет, НКО Finno-Ugric Film Foundation SUFF и Фенно-Угрия приглашают принять участие в летнем курсе «Школа финно-угорских блогеров».

Summer course “School for Finno-Ugric bloggers”

Fenno-Ugria organizes

Tallinn University, NGO Finno-Ugric Film Foundation FUFF and Fenno-Ugria invite you to participate in the summer course “School for Finno-Ugric bloggers”. 

What is it? The aim of the summer school is to learn how to create your own personal or institutional blog on social media, how to collect materials, find ideas for a blog and learn how to use the technical part of it, while being aware of the security risks. The programme of the school for Finno-Ugric bloggers includes theoretical aspects that promote a better understanding of social media and its impact, as well as experiences of other blogs and the acquisition of practical skills through workshops.

What topics? Theory and practice of media presentation, making and editing videos and images with mobile phones, video scripting, storytelling.

For whom? The schoolf for Finno-Ugric bloggers is open to representatives of Finno-Ugric associations and NGOs, pupils, students and anyone who is interested in Finno-Ugric topics and who wants to talk about it publicly on their social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram.

Participation is free of charge; accommodation costs in Tallinn can be compensated by the Kindred Peoples’ Programme. 

Tallinn University, Tallinn