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Cultural Diversity Year

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia has declared 2024 as the Cultural Diversity Year.

The thematic year is dedicated to the cultural richness of Estonia, a country of over 1.3 million inhabitants and over 200 nationalities. The project manager of the thematic year is Eero Raun.

It is already worth taking a look at the initial website, where one can find online forms, designs and contacts to submit ideas. The website for the theme of the year includes a calendar of events with social media feeds.

The opening event of the year was held on 13 January across Estonia, in Tallinn at the Tallinn College of Music and Ballet MUBA.

We invite Finno-Ugric societies and activists to actively contribute to the success of the Cultural Diversity Year and to inform about their events through the Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Diversity Calendar; funding can also be applied for!