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The number of mobilised from Mari El for the Russian-Ukrainian war revealed

The head of Mari El Republic, Yuri Zaitsev, answered the questions of the republic's citizens dissatisfied with the mobilisation in a live broadcast on 14 November.


In memoriam Dmitry Tsygankin

Dmitry Tsygankin (25 October 1925–21 November 2023), a linguist from Mordovia, has passed away. He was born in the village of Mokshalei in the Chamzino …


Udmurt Language Day celebrated grandiosely

The Udmurt Language Day was initiated by the Udmurt representative organisation Udmurt Kenesh and first celebrated on 27 November 2018.


Karelian Language Day celebrated in Karelia

On this day in 2009, the President of the Republic of Finland, Tarja Halonen, adopted a decision to grant Karelian the status of a minority …


Kindred Peoples' Day celebrated also by Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia

This year, the Kindred Peoples' Day was celebrated the most powerfully in Mari El, with more than 300 events taking place in all districts and cities of the republic.


Swedish Truth Commmission: state and church must apologise to Tornedalians

According to a recently published report, Sweden should issue a public apology to the country's northern minority.


Russian authorities want to silence Stalin's repression

By the decision of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR on October 18, 1991, October 30 was declared the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repression. However, in the Russian Federation, the day was also celebrated this year.


Department of Finno-Ugric Music 30 years

On 7 November, the Alexander Glazunov State Conservatory in Petrozavodsk held a jubilee evening to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Department of Music of Finno-Ugric Peoples.


Overview of Fenno-Ugria's 2023 Finno-Ugric Days

Fenno-Ugria organised a series of events in Tallinn and Tartu in October 2023 centred around the Finno-Ugric Day (a.k.a. Kindred Peoples’ Day), bringing together Finno-Ugric …


Fenno-Ugria employee appointed chairman of Taivaannaula

At the general meeting on 29 October, Patrick O’Rourke, a Fenno-Ugria employee and project manager, was elected chairman of the Finnish Folk Culture Association ‘Taivaannaula’. …


Mari El and Udmurt Republics 103 years

On 4 November, the birthdays of republics were celebrated in Mari El and Udmurtia, capped by the celebration of the Russian Federation's newest national holiday - the Day of National Unity.


The winners of the Kindred People's Literary Award are Ķempi Kārl and Aado Lintrop

On 1 November, in commemoration of the Udmurt writer and social activist Kuzebai Gerd (1898–1937), the Kindred Peoples' Programme traditionally announced the winners of the Literary Award.