12.11.2018 В Красноярске прошёл фестиваль финно-угорских народов (finnougoria.ru)

30.10.2018 Suomalais-ugrilaisten kansojen välikonferenssi pidettiin Virossa (Rossija1)

29.10.2018 100 vuotta suomalais-ugrilaisten itsemääräytymisestä -konferenssi pidetty Virossa (Rossija1)

01.12.2017 At the Estonian National Museum (blogi London Review of Books)

09.01.2016 Keeping Alive an Extinct Language: the Finno-Ugric Tongue of Latvia’s Remote Fishing Villages (deepbaltic.com)

01.01.2016 Estonian national museum review – touching and revealing (The Observer)

17.11.2016 Expanded reindeer cull arouses fear, suspicion in Siberia (bigstory.ap.org)

16.11.2016 80,000 reindeer as global warming cuts off food supply (zeenews.india.com)

16.11.2016 Letter of Recommendation: Bogs (The New York Times Magazine)

14.11.2016 “Maq Sinnu Sali”: the South Estonian Dialect Spoken in Deepest Latvia (deepbaltic.com)

28.10.2016 Village people: The rural past that unites Russia and Finland (rbth.com)

17.10.2016 Karelians: Life on the border between cultures (rbth.com)

04.10.2016 Karelian dream: The foreigners who have made their home in Russia’s north (rbth.com)

19.07.2016 Tofalaria: How people and deer coexist in the Siberian taiga (rbth.com)

27.06.2016 Veps: Finno-Ugric people with ancient roots (rbth.com)

25.05.2016 The Izhorians, forgotten fishermen of Russia’s Baltic coast (rbth.com)

27.01.2016 The icy kiss of the North: A few tips on exploring Northern Siberia (rbth.com)

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